I've been failing miserably at goals:
{-} Go to bed early:If 4am counts, then I've been succeeding for the last week..FAIL.
{-} Study for the October LSAT:Haven't touched a book in two weeks..FAIL.
{-} Cook dinner:Does cheese on a tortilla count? That's as Paula Dean as I've been these last few days..FAIL.
{-} Play the piano:We won't even talk about how long it's been since I've played..FAIL.
{-} Send a friend's letter:From Christmas..FAIL.

However, I've had some glory-moments:
{+} Got a Shrek watch:McDonald's happy meal toy..ZING!
{+} Started pen-pal notes:En route to Germany and New Zealand..ZING!
{+} Scripture-challenge:Book of Mormon in 33 days. I've been pretty good about reading my 18 pages a day..ZING!
{+} Said happy words:To my dog, whom I usually call well-deserved names like "mut" and "mudblood"..ZING!
{+} Got my hair did:Favorite cut/color job ever..ZING!
{+} New world-record:Three bowls of ice cream in one day. Mind you, that's about all I ate..ZING
What. Should. I. Blog. About. Tomorrow?


Kristi Kleisler said...

Answer- your buddy Kristi.

Emily Sue said...

love that you call your dog a mudbood!! hahahaahaha

Alexa Mae said...

your day at traffic school. but if i know you, and i think i do, you will have some sunday spiritual enlightenment ready for us. love ya girl!

Kell said...

It makes me happy to know I'm not the only 20 something who still orders happy meals.

Taylor said...

New Zealand?! That`s where I`m from! haha. What part is you penpal from?