Let me just say, being kidnapped was the most fun I've had all summer.
We went up to Flagstaff in attempt to run away from the ridiculous Arizona heat.
Adventure number one: successful. We encounter lots and lots of rain, the fresh scent of wet evergreens, and a homeless man who shared his couch.
Only really..
You think I'm joking?
Totally serious.
Toast and jelly.

We took almost 400 pictures. I believe the grand total was 355. I'll post some sporadically throughout the week.
Pandora is now playing The Chronicles of Narnia music. On my Florence + the Machine station. Hum.
Now, onto adventure number two {today}:
Eclipse (I'm boycotting this and going to the temple) & Jumpstreet.
Planned by Kristi and I.
Adventure number three on Monday: stay tuned!


Amelia Kate said...

Funny thing is I spent my day in yesterday is Flagstaff too!!!

Rasha said...

Aww I love flagstaff.. and thats a pretty couch for a homeless man? I know you hate eclipse, but it ROCKED!

Sarah Eileen said...

Pretty much best idea ever! Thank you Heavenly Father!

It was so much fun, even though Goldilocks only went 45mph over the big hills!