[Playing hackey-sack with homeless people]

Three questions from a random question generator.
I will answer.
Then you will answer.

1) Do you collect anything?
[yes] I have lots and lots of blank journals. I always think they're too cute to write in..I never know what to write. If anyone has any ideas for what one of my journals could worthwhile-ly (lol) be used for, please let me know.. hahahaah.

2) What does your last text message say?
"Bring Phase 10". So demanding, I am.

3) Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
A Victoria's Secret bag. That's the only pink allowed in my room. I am not particularly fond of that color.
A self-made question I also need you to answer:
4) Where can I get a cute swim suit?
I don't like anything on Victoria's Secret and Anthropologie's online selection isn't all that great. I've looked everywhere and there's nothing I like. I'm willing to spend around $75. I'll pay more if I REALLY lovelovelove it.


Emily Nicoll said...

I like :) it's fantastic

Marci Dawn said...

what the efffffff.
i just sent a long comment back and it error 49'd on me.
poooop. here we go...again.
1. i never collected anything until i bought 15 polaroid cameras in one weekend. does that count?
2. "you should still be wearing goggles. you'd look legit" -brian obviously likes to tease.
3. a semi pink mechanical pencil. :)
and i am with you on the swimsuit thing. I just bought one from target like 3 weeks ago and it is already getting the little balls of material on the bum. gag.

Brenn said...

okay, here we go:
1) Notes. I have probably 98% of all the notes ever written to me. Its kinda sad, but hilarious at the same time....
2) My last text says "Thanks" Yay for manners!!
3) Umm, yes. I could be Elle from Legally Blonde...
4) Hapari has super cute swimsuits, -- hoo raw for modest two pieces! They're a little pricey, but SO SO worth it!

Emily Sue said...

fun!! i love stuff like this.
1- yes!!! i have so many collections it's disgusting. here are a few a.) rings- i have 34.. *addicted* b.) quarters i have all 50 yesss. c.) lipgloss- then i don't even wear it. fail. d.) pens.
2- last text: "i'd appreciate it if you cam home now." (to the roomie.)
3- yes, a can of diet coke, salsa and chips Y-U-M.
4- old navy!! i got the CUTEST one for 15 bucks! score. if you want a SUPER nice one that will last forever go to Everything but Water

brooke said...

1) I collect homeless people.

wait, no... i collect foreign currency. weird, i know, but it fascinates me.

2) last text: "Yes! Brody is being so mean! Ah! I cannot wait till next week!!"
haha i cannot help but laugh at that last answer.

3) neon hat. acceptable. i don't like pink either :)

4) surprisingly, target. i'm planning to make a trip there later this week!

Rachel Schlappi said...

Down East Basics...
Sometimes they have suppper cute ones, or none at all. Kinda hit and miss

Alexa Mae said...

awesome picture! love it. and yes, i am wearing a pink shirt. also, got to lexi's blog and a couple posts back she did a swimsuit post and linked to some sweet swimsuit shops. check it!

love ya!

Taylor said...

1.) Guitars. That gets pricy real quick though, so more of focusing on my church book collection! Or is that called a personal gospel library? idk.

2.) "yee mih nih, ima mayk ih reeeeal guh`lyk fer`er. Ya kno wuh eh eea!" my friend`s encryption when he knows someone is likely to read haha.

3.) pink book on the book shelf. Its a reeeally old copy of Ferdinand the Bull.

4.)I haven`t the foggiest.

The Dark Family said...

maybe you'll think it's lame, but the only journal I use is to keep track of when I go to the temple and who with. It's kind of fun to look back on. If you go alone, then write down thoughts/inspirations you had while at the temple. I definitely think that's worthwhile-ly. just a thought.

☂niki said...

downeast bsics

urban outfitters

shade clothing

...they're all worth a shot.

Little Beachs said...

1. Pens- its a problem. doesn't matter if they work or not everywhere I go I take a pen, now I have bags of pens.
2. "WHAT!!! Why?? 387 miles 5.2 hours... I don't like that idea" - my friends response about me moving.
3. funny. I hate pink. yet I have a little girl and so pink is all over. closest item a Bib.

I cant ever find swim suites i like.

Kacie said...