Highlights from Fossil Springs:
1. Made a friend at the waterfall. He smelled like alcohol. But he was pretty nice. His name was Jason. He had a dog. We talked about Mormons :)
2. I almost died. Then saved Sarah from dying. Long story short: we almost went over a waterfall ahah.
3. I was dubbed Louis. Sarah is Clark. We had Sacajawea sticks.
4. I got a sweet pair of knock-off Ray Ban's at the dollar store. You better believe they will be worn on the next two vacations.
5. Sarah tried to pee in the water. She got stage fright.. (hahaha)
6. I played baseball, con-large-stick-and-peanut-m&m's.
7. I held onto the rope swing a lot longer than I should have..because I didn't want to get wet. So I just hung above the water..rope was no longer moving. Freaking awesome.
8. We drove Optimus Prime.
9. My spell check obviously doesn't know Optimus Prime. But it knows Chuck Norris.


LSAT class, take two, starts again today.
Welp. Wish me luck.
Once again, I have no life.

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