I'm having a love affair with a neighbor.
Sorry, Arizona; I'm off to California for the week.

{Things Men Should Know}

-Just because I am a woman does not mean I am incapable of rhetorically smiting your life.
-Yes, I can carry my own 24 pack of water bottles to the car.
-I do have academic ambitions; don't act so surprised.
-I am allowed to blame all cravings for chocolate and uncalled for comments on "that time of the month". Don't question it, or you'll get an ear-full of things only woman are comfortable discussing.
-On that note: no uterus, no opinion. Unless you want to bear your own children then have your pelvis split in half, please keep all rude feminist comments to yourself.
-Real vampires don't sparkle in the sun.
-Just because I can't play football doesn't mean I'm not athletic. You {probably} can't even touch your toes.
-Txting lke ths is not kwl. Vowels are vowels for a reason, you know.
-Flowers are always a good way to score points. Unless you're me; in which case, vanilla cupcakes win my heart.


Emily M. Smith said...

No uterus, no opinion?

That's like saying if you're not gay, you shouldn't have an opinion on gay marriage. XD

Natalie said...

No; that's like a man chiming in on whether he prefers pads or tampons.

Casey said...

maybe he feels comfortable buying one over the other for his girlfriend?

The worst is when guys decide "it must be that time of the month". When I was in high school I was involved in the theatre program and one day I was in a bad mood for whatever reason and some guy decided to use that line, and it wasn't someone I was close with, and needless to say he got that ear-full of things only women are comfortable discussing.

Enjoy California. I'm jealous of your adventures. I'm going to Catalina at the end of August, soon enough, soon enough.

Visible Voice said...

Amen. Though I love Twilight...can we still be friends?

Natalie said...

Haha yes of course :)

Britney Jean said...



Kylie said...

haha Natalie.. you are so clever! I love this!!