I really wanted a wish. Or two. (Or three)
I also really wanted cake.
Therefore, it was only inevitable that I'd bake a cake, celebrate a deceased ones' birthday, and steal their wish..right?

{Ding! Ding!}

Ergo, I'd "Famous Peoples' Birthdays" and was informed that Maytag - the inventor of the washing machine - was born on this day 153 years ago.

Here's to you, Maytag Man: making wishes come true since 1857.
No longer must people hang their undergarments on their backyard clothesline for neighbors to see.

We have delicate cycles for that ;)


Ashley Fastle said...

this is thee most genius idea ever. I may steal it once or twice..

Marci Darling said...

that is hilarious! I'll be making a cake for Harry Potter's birthday. July 31st.

Anonymous said...

Natalie you are gorgeous and I have a crush on you.

<3 - Your secret admirer

Britney Jean said...

bring me a piece