At first, the idea of being able to sit around and literally do nothing sounded appealing.
After about 5 hours, I was sick of it.

I've been counting down the days until school starts.
I really don't see the sanity in that, though.
Senior year of college. Credit-overloaded schedule. Upper-division courses. Advanced statistics. You get the point.

I guess I always have that LSAT thing I could be studying for.

Like the biggest test of my life really matters.
Like. It. Really. Matters.
*breaths into paper bag*

Anxiety attack: commencing now.
On a happy note, I bought a planner that allows you to plan your days, hour by hour.
I penciled in a few hours of study time today.
I actually studied during that study time.
Congratulations, Natalie. You were productive!


Vanessa said...

Yay for senior year of college! I don't know about you, but I'm counting down until graduation!!

Cambriaaaa said...

Planners are like crack for me, especially when school starts! Which I am anticipating, too! 29 days!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing. And beautiful.

<3 Your Secret Admirer

Visible Voice said...

I love that you always have such fabulous photos of yourself. Always do that! I need to find someone who can take photos that don't find my worst qualities ha ha ha! Maybe my hubby needs a photography class!

Connie said...

This is beautiful and artistic! Love it!