Things I loved about Tuesday:

Fountain-diving in public fountains.

Doing pilates on a balcony overlooking the restaurant, in which diners watch your legs shake and your core squeeze as you make pelvic-thrusting motions. Awesome.

Lying to your sister while she lays on the beach so you and your best friend can sneak off and go eat a piece of carrot cake.

The amazing little cafe I ate lunch at. They had a 25-cent machine, in which you deposited a quarter and received a stick-on mustache in return. Erika got a red one. Mine was blonde.

Listening to "Moonchild" by M83 on repeat. At least 36 times. No exaggeration.

Watching "The Bachelorette" rerun from Monday, and hearing "I will guard and protect your heart" one too many times. Gets me every time. BAHA. Ya' freak!


Britney Jean said...

i want to be on vacay now. grrrrr....

Anonymous said...

I love M83.

And your awesome life. And your hotness.

<3 Your secret admirer

Vanessa said...

That picture with y'all in the fountain is adorable!

& stick-on mustaches ftw!