Day two on this whole "grab-your-iPod-and-head-to-the-beach".
It's incredible.
Today my best friend, Erika, is coming down to play with us.

Today's itinerary includes:
+ Summoning the sharks in the great Pacific.
+ Building sand-chateaus. And also sand-gateaus :)
+ LSAT'ing on the beach
+ Finishing my John Grisham book so she can steal it.
+ Climbing rocks, mountains, Everest, and any other sort of physical feat that is brave enough to present itself to us.
+ Photoshooting in town.
+ Beachside lounge lunch.
I love my sissy.
She dances to Miike Snow with me on rocks.
And on the beach at 1 am.
Oh, for the love..

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Emily Sue said...

so i FREAKING love all of your pictures! you are seriously talented. i loove them so much. like every single one i'm like," woah that's my new favorite"