It's Friday the 13th.
Since I am all-wise-and-knowing {end sarcasm} I am giving you advice.
13 things not to do:

1) Overlook the word "baked" when a recipe calls for "8 c. baked potatoes cubed". It's actually a very crucial part of the recipe, believe it or not. Having frozen pizza on back-up is life-saving.

2) Drink a Red Bull at midnight; hence why this blogpost is at 5:21 am *facepalm*

3) Save school advising until 6 days before the semester starts; when you're entering your senior year in college and not sure if your schedule is even close to what it should be for graduating a year early.

4) Do a long succession of back handsprings down a gravel road after drinking Jones soda. Do. Not. Do. This.

5) Go star-gazing; while driving down the freeway at four in the morning. Luckily. it was a meteor shower and I spotted me six stars o' shooting. Thank you, cosmos.

6) Accidentally send a text to your ex-boyfriend. One meant for your best friend, saying "I miss you and am grateful for you in my life." Uhwellthatwasdumb.

7) Throw your alarm clock across the room in your sleep. The batteries fall out, and the alarm will not go off. You will oversleep.

8) Use LSAT books as pillows. They aren't comfortable. They make your face sweaty. And you get pencil on your nose. They also leave some scar-like indents on your cheeks. Classy, Nat.

9) Fall asleep with a Paradise Bakery cookie in your hand. This simply means you're obese; and there's no way around that.

10) Walk into Urban Outfitters when you are broke. You will fall in love with the most brilliant pair of sea-foam green high heels. And you will obsess over them, even when you've been home for over 13 hours. Hmmph!

11) Buy your school books at the ASU bookstore. There are many other ways one should rightfully be allowed to spend $500.

12) Sneeze with your eyes open. Yer eyeballz will fall owt. That is..le bad. Chirp chirp.

13) Go to bed without going potty. You can't sleep, and you become too lazy to get up and go midway through the night. So you lay in bed and cringe..hoping it will pass. It doesn't. And your bladder explodes. Kaboom. Gross. That, or you pee your pants.


Eeny said...

I have done the Red Bull thing way too many times and somehow I haven't learned anything from that mistake.
And I hate when no. 10 happens...

Marci Dawn said...

hahah...poor thing. still going crazy over those heels. welp. if you change your mind in wanting them i think i want to go back and get some ruffle socks. so let me know!

Britney Jean said...

ahahaha number 13 makes me laugh. cuz i wake up about 5 times a night needing to pee right now. and each time i hope it will pass. never does. oh and i pee twice right before bed. lolz.

Mauri said...

oh man this is some good advice haha! I went to Urban the other day and it was BAD. I wanted many things I can't have-money must go to stupid school books. You're right. That money would be best used on something ELSE.

Braden said...

My books on Amazon were literally a third of the bookstore price this year. Granted, some of them were old editions, but still.

Kacie said...

#1... i HATE messing up a recipe. :)

Alexa Mae said...

hahaha i hate when i do #13!! for realsies. i want to see you do a back handspring. maybe you could teach maddix some tumbling!

angieinpink said...

i've done number 10 way too many times. i just go in that store & pet things. and dream of the day when.....

kelly anne said...

is it even possible to sneeze with your eyes open? weird!
i do thirteen all the freaking time. it's so annoying. i have lost many an hour of sleep over it.