{Cue and Aye}
Apparently I'm boring and no one wants to ask questions.
Or perhaps it was a "you are the worst blogger ever" hint.
Either way, I love you all.
200+ page views and 4 comments;
le awesome.
Say hi, you creepers ;)

1) What was your third grade science project?
I made a waterfall. Actually, that was in 6th grade. It had valves and pumps and everything, so the water fell off a cliff and was secretly sucked back up into the basin at the top. Well, guess who forgot to turn on the bottom valve during the science fair? Yup. I flooded out the school. Just trying to teach everyone about the reality of flash floods in know..?

2) Were there playing cards involved?
No. I didn't become an Ultimate Phase 10 Champ until the age of nineteen-plus-one. And I still suck at Scum.

3) Vanilla or Chocolate and a detailed explanation as to why!
Vanilla. Because it's better than chocolate.

4) What is a Mormon birthday?
A Mormon Birthday is the greatest holiday of all, falling on August 9, celebrating August 9, 2008 - the day which I was baptized. Aka became Mormon. Aka a Mormon Birthday. In all reality, it's just another excuse to eat cake. Guilt-free. I mean..cake is necessary for such an event..

5) And when can we actually hang out in person?
When you get home? :) We could Sprinkles-run it..

6) Favorite blog to stalk and why?
Color Me Kate. She is incredible, and her creativity is almost toxic.

7) How many blogs a day do you read?
Sadly, I rarely read blogs anymore. Sometimes I'll get a creative comment and go check out their blog. I used to read about 6 regularly on a daily basis. But I have been super busy lately. I'm sorry; I'm the worst. I will be better about reading/commenting, again. Now I just keep to a couple favorite blogs for inspiration.
Now, for the release party of my newest video, I'd like to present to you:
"I Betcha'd Never Guess We Both Hold National Titles in Dance"
It's an indie-film, with much potential to go mainstream. Lol.
This is what my best friend and I do when left in charge of the house for a week.
No, we are not dancing seriously (we were actually making fun of someone..who is it's completely acceptable).
Yes, we really do hold national titles.
No, I am not lying to you.
Yes, I saw you roll your eyes.


brandy said...

Okay, I have 2 questions for you. How about that? That should make up for visiting yesterday and NOT leaving a comment :)
#1: What are 5 things you want to do in the next 5 years?
#2: What is your conversion story?
I am new to your blog so I don't know if you have already written about it. If so, just leave the link!!

Britney Jean said...

i'm guilty of reading that blog and NOT asking a question. but in my defense...what the heck do i ask my bff? really.

and i know what you mean about the whole 200+ page views and less than five comments thing. it's starting to get really old people. aha.

Anonymous said...

um i can't belive you posted that video. nuff said.

Mauri said...

I didn't ask a question haha. I couldn't think off the top of my head and then I got busy at work and forgot.
Vanilla rules chocolate ANY day!

sarah.elizabeth<3 said...

vanilla, agreed.
cake, agreed!
everything you say, agreed.
seriously, you make me laugh. i constantly tell someone about the funny things you say, and then other people laugh about what you said. aka my mom. she thought the whole cake idea for other people's birthdays is fantastic.


sarah.elizabeth<3 said...

oh and sorry about the question think, i'm guilty too. i just don't know what to ask you and your awesomeness. except uh.. how'd you get so awesome? :]

Erin said...

I call Foul! I am not a creeper, just too lazy to hit the comment button and type a measly sentence.
200 page views? You are a rockstar.

angieinpink said...

i promise i'm not creeper, just super-duper lazy is all. :)

ummmmmm...color me kate...i know! isn't she awe-some! you & her think i get the same vibe from you guys: fun, creative, childlike, adorable, etc. :)

Bridget said...

color me katie is amaazing. with ya.