Today we had the best party ever.
Our very own, full-company
pity party.
Jennie made me mashed potatoes (I crave these a lot).

And of course no party is complete with out some of these:

Funnest self-invented party, yet.
Booked two weddings.
I'm so so so excited, sheesh louise.
Summer {weather} is almost over.
Which means you
Okay, I fail. I've never been good at the self-marketing thing.


Eeny said...

I am craving for one or two of those yummy looking cupcakes... Why is there no place around here where I can get cupcakes?? I need to open my own cupcake shop =) because if I bake them just for myself I will eat the whole dozen all by myself. Eat 2 sell 10 sounds better to me =)

kelly anne said...

dang it now i really want a cupcake... they really just are the best food ever.