This is a tribute to my best friend Erika.
This is also why Erika is my best friend.

From our "why we are better than boys" conversation:
"and they cant really dance naked like we can...because not everything on them stops when the music does unfortunately; so i say we win.."

In response to my picture message {see below}:

"FLOOOOOOOOOOD! dont worry, I shall send my Jewish homie, Moses, to part the sea so you don't drown"

Her kind pinches pennies.*
My kind marries at age 16 {jk..18 ;) }
Our kind uses words like "arcave" and "cupcake" as the crux of every sentence.

*Sarcasm; please do not get offended, my dear Jewish friends!!

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DANICA said...

I LOVE IT! This Jewish friend is in no way offended...I think it's a riot. :-) She sounds like the kind of friend every girl should have. :-)