I am two. In Mormon years.
You know what that means, don't you?

{I'mma have my cake, and eat it, too.}
And you better believe there will be cake.
Even if it means I buy it for myself, then take it home alone to have a hott date in front of the TV watching Grey's Anatomy reruns.
I'm classy like that.
I am a huge lover/exchanger of conversion stories.
If anyone has any out there they'd like to share, please please email me :)

Have a wonderful Monday.
Remember to smile.


The Dark Family said...

Congrats! It feels good to be two, huh? I'm almost to five, and can't believe it! Wait until you're married and gonna have kids then you'll wonder where time has gone. I never thought life would be this good. Cheers to my fellow convert!

Ashley Fastle said...

congratulations! my mom was baptized when she was 17. She ran away to Arizona and had her sister tell the missionaries that it was okay for her to get baptized. Happy Baptism anniversary and please do enjoy your cake!

ChristineMarie said...


Crazy. My baby is growing up.

Britney Jean said...

yayayayayyayayYYYY! :)

Emily Sue said...

woop woop! congrats!!! i hope you have lots more birthdays!! :)

Meredith E said...

I want to hear YOUR conversion story! Might need to get some EFY mileage out of that one... :) What a FABULOUS thing to celebrate. To unforgettable moments and the satisfaction of excellent decisions...**raise sparkling cider glass here**..cheers!!!

Alexa Mae said...

Awww Natters!!!! Happy "Birthday". I love you and I am so proud of you.

Rebecca Elizabeth said...

Happy "Birthday!" I will be two in November, and I'm leaving on my mission in nine days--just seven days after one of the missionaries who taught me up to my baptism is going home!