These Mormon birthdays get better with each passing year.
I have the greatest friends.
Dear cupcakes,
How about you go to my boobs instead of my thighs? :)
Love, Natalie
PS I changed my mind; enlarge my brain instead.

Dear Paradise Bakery,
Your picture is under "Celestial Kingdom" in the dictionary.
Mother Theresa really enjoys your peanut butter cookies.
However, I've seen her sneak a sugar or two; the ones with sprinkles.
Just thought I'd let you know. See you tomorrow.
Love, Natalie

Dear Greg Laswell,
You make me cry.
Stop singing sappy love songs.
Love, Natalie.

Dear Mailman,
If I leave monies in my mailbox will you write me letters?
I love getting mail.
And hate that I get none.
Thanks, Natalie.

Dear Blogworld,
Thank you for the many Happy-Mormon-Birthday's and beautiful emails.
You guys are the best the best the best I evrrr had.
Love, Nat uh Lee.

Dear Taza,
You are a rockstar.
Love, Natalie.

Dear Big Dipper,
Tonight I was very concerned for your well-being. I saw you as I was driving home,
and noticed you were one star short of your normal dipping self. As I opened and closed my eyes multiple times, checking to see if you'd appear, I almost collided with an oncoming vehicle. Alas, I realized you were not in fact the big-daddy dipper,
just a sad asterism of 6 stars. Way south of the real you.
Good job, Nat.
Love, Me

Dear Closet,
You are a mess.
You give me anxiety.
There are probably 8 different boogiemans hiding in you. Play nice.
Love, Natalie.

Dear Cook Book,
You were the best worst $25 investment of my life.
Why do I need a cook book? Uhm. I don't.
Why did I buy it? Uhm. I don't know.
You got me with the picture of the cupcake on the front.
Curse my weaknesses.
Love, Natalie

Dear pinky finger,
You fall asleep more than Natalie in a Formal Logic night class.
Wakey! Wakey! {Musical allusion, indeed! Who caught that?}
Love, Your Greater Part.


Alexa Mae said...

you are sooo freakin cute! i love you. i am trying to fanangle my way into your lunch date. good luck waking your pinkie finger!

Britney Jean said...

ahahaha i love these letters.

see you this afternoon! :)

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

love this letters!

Eeny said...

Dear Natalie,
i love your post.
And your picture.
You are so darling.

Anonymous said...

Natalie, you are beautiful.

And your brain & boobs are already big enough! OK maybe not your boobs...

<3 Your Secret Admirer

Kell said...

Woo! Happy late mormon birthday. Today is my 4 month mormon birthday.. but that's not nearly as exciting.