My body is retaliating against me.
I have to go get blood tests.
And I'm more scared of the needle than the actual results.

{Dear Natalie, You are a coward. Grow up.}

But, the vampires doctors need my blood so they can fix me.
And make my hand stop tremoring.
And my headaches go away.
And the dizziness stop.
And my laziness subside {okay, so maybe they can't fix that}.

(Temporary) Solution: Grab a Jones soda, organize my life on paper, and talk on the phone to anyone who is awake at this hour.


Tara Schlappi said...

I have to have blood and IV on Tuesday. You are not a coward...I have had my blood drawn how many times and I am still freaking out about it. I am the coward. My arms starts hurting before I even go in there. Just ask them to use a butterfly needle if they can and drink a lot of water so your veins are easier to find. Hope all goes well and hope your news is a lot better than mine was. I don't want any competition being the prettiest bald girl so you need to keep your hair please. Thanks. :)

Alexa Mae said...

oh no, natters! are you okay? i hope everything is fine! i am going to text you. i la la love the new header. adorbs! love ya girlfreen.

kelly anne said...

i'm sorry your body is retaliating! i hate it when mine does that.

good luck at the doctor and just remember not to watch when they put the needle in... or while it's still in at all (that always helps me).