Blog layout is under construction; sorry if the coding is off.
HTML/CSS and I are on the outs.
{I'm sick of brackets and semi-colons}
Today I taught myself a new song on the guitar.
My new favorite song.
All yours - Metric.
Let it be known, the F chord can go strum itself.
It hurts my fingers.
I also decided I have been craving a canvas:
I need to paint. It's been too long.
Today I sketched Audrey Hepburn. Heh.

What did you do today?


Eeny said...

Oh I can totally imagine that you are sick of brackets and semi-colons... I was working on my blog html a while back and it made my < head > go crazy < /head > and my < body > need more coffee than ever < /body > I am actually still not done with all my ideas I have for my blog.
Can't wait to see how your's will end up like... I already love your new header.

Haven't been painting for way too long either and I guess it will not change for a long time. Too busy these days.

ChristineMarie said...

I HATE the F chord.

Also, remove your too-perfect legs from the header of the blog, please. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure we will all hate you.

Okay, not really. But we will all be jealous :)

Kari said...

Hey there!

Happy {{belated}} BAPTISM BIRTHDAY!


You'll have to check out my recent post about my 5 year baptism birthday!

and p.s. I love Audrey a picture of your painting!

Ashley Fastle said...

so, please tell if you are thatcher? because my best friend goal in life was to recreate a " Hey Arnold" episode at the house that looked exactly like that. please dont judge us... it WAS thatcher. I love your header btw.

Ashley Fastle said...

if you are in Thatcher in that picture. I just needed to clarify that.

Alexa Dyan said...

Today, I almost cursed the F chord. I do that everyday.
I love your header. And practically your whole blog.

kalie brynn. said...

I once tried to learn the guitar, then got impatient and gave up.

I once tried to learn the guitar AGAIN, and it hurt my fingers real bad, so I gave up!

BUT you know what I do not want to give up? Trying to be your pen-pal. Since it was aggesss ago, you may not remember, but you sent me your address so I could send you a letter, and I haven't. Doh. But I still wanna be your pen-pal if you wanna be mine! I will send you some mail soon :]