Happiness is

Best friends who talk about growing old and wearing diapers. Then proceed to tell you they'll support your decision to not wear them, even when told to by the caretaker. I've always been a rebellious soul..

Crossing four things off the academic to-do list. (On a side note, happiness is NOT: realizing you still have 11 things remaining; all due by 8am the next morning).

Eating Paradise Bakery cookies for breakfast. The sugar ones. Second-day chocolate chip are not good; just in case you were wondering.

Listening to old music and reminiscing on old times. Old memories. Nostalgia. And everything else that entails..

October 10th - day after the LSAT ;)

Raw cookie dough. Or brownie batter. Or spoonfuls of icing. I think I talk about {sugary} food too much.

Being told that your blog is read. I've gotten that a lot lately. Thanks guys :) I love you all.

Running down the street barefoot in the rain. Lots of this has been going on lately.

Making up birthdays and other excuses so that you can eat cake {there we go with the food comments, again..}.

Forgetting that 7 comes after 6..and having to start from 1 to figure it out.

The Dove Clinical Strength deodorant commercial; it has inspired me to make a more conscious effort to dance in my underwear every morning.

Making words with the letters in vegetable soup. On your crackers. I spelled out "hooker". Wall for President, 2032; baha!


Alexa Mae said...

this is lovely nat!
and i am definitely voting for you in 2032!!!

JMay said...

How did I just find your blog?! I love it, you are hilarious my dear & this blog is so lovely :-)