I've been whining about how I've been dying to paint.
So I finally did it.
I made myself do something I wanted to do but never really foresaw myself getting around to.
I used to be into the artsy stuff.
But it's been awhile.
Actually, "awhile" is an understatement; back before the dinosaurs got knocked off the planet by a meteor, or Zeus or whatever..that's the last time I painted.
So I kept it nice and simple.
You can't tell from the picture, but the bottom corner is dark, and I blended it lighter as I went up the canvas.
Threw a silhouetted tree on it.
Added some color.


Something to hang on my bedroom wall.
What's something you've been wanting to get around to doing?


brandy said...

I have been dying to learn how to sew. My mom is a fabulous seamstress. While I was growing up she always wanted to teach me how to sew. But I thought I was too cool for that. Why sew when you have a Nordstrom's close by? Now looking back,I kick myself that I didn't take her up on her offer. So maybe it's time for me to get the dusty machine out and get to work! Thanks for the inspiration! By the way, your painting is lovely!

Samantha said...

I have been wanting to get around to redecorating my bedroom something shabby and fun and full of life and color but i also happen to buy some acrylics and canvass 50% off and stuff at JOANNS yup lucked into that one about a week ago and have been letting my mind run free with some mixed media ideas of an art piece you my dear just inspired me yet again it's amazing how you tend to do that your fantastic thats all the end and oh wow its been a very long while since i posted but i always read your posts!

Taylor said...

writing lyrics to all the riffs I've written the past 3 months

kelly anne said...

ooo love it! trees are wonderful. i've been wanting to make cupcakes for months, but i never seem to get around to it...

Amelia Kate said...

oh paint me a picture to hang on my wall!

Brenn said...

I've been wanting to paint lately too!! But I suck. Haha. You don't though! Good job!

Little Miss Paige said...

I would not call that painting simple!!! I think the seemingly most "simple" of paintings are actually the hardest ones to produce. You can't just cover up your errors by a thousand other lines.


Little Miss Paige