School starts today.
Please note, on August 25th is the four-month PRE Christmas celebration :)
Only the most epic holiday of August!

Also, please notice September 11th; I will be celebrating my patriotic pride for our nation's effective traffic cameras. FAIL.

Dear Jones Soda,
Three weeks post-encounter, and I am still addicted. This is so goodly bad I
just don't know what to do with myself.
Love, Natalie

Dear Body,
Civil War has begun.
Love, Natalie

Dear ASU,
Your new blackboard system freaking sucks donkey brains.
It freezes and nothing loads.
Love, Natalie

Dear Professor,
Sorry I can't actively do anything in your class;
the new blackboard system is awful.
Just..throw me an A and move on.
Love, Natalie

Dear Arizona,
Go fry an egg. And stop frying my epidermis.
Love, Natalie

Dear Snow,
If you come soon I will be your best friend.
Love, Natalie

Dear Santa Claus,
I still want my robo-animal.
Pretty please?
I bake cookies :-*
Love, Natalie


Britney Jean said...

i love this i'm all organized calendar thing. good luck with everything girl!

p.s. -- i don't like the new blackboard system either. or that 2 of my 3 books are on back order and the only place i could find them was amazon. but they could only guarantee them here in 2 weeks. thanks.

welcome back into my life ASU...

kelly anne said...

that is an awesome calendar! good luck with school and lsats :)

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

UGH i am soooo not happy about the bb either!

Kristi Kleisler said...

cute calendar.... yes the new blackboard does suck, donkey brains though i dunno about that. ha ha

Haley said...

ok LOVE your new calendar. how'd you make that thing??