I am in dire need of a random photoventure; running out of pictures for posts - ha!

I just saved 15 percent {or more} by switching to Geico.
I lied. No I didn't.

But I did just have an awkward fight with the bathtub.
I stepped in with the intention of washing only my feet.
However, the household appliance was yet again victorious, and after a sad mistake of accidentally tapping the shower switch, I was soaked - head to toe.
I think it was the earth's way of telling me to wash my hair.
And my clothes.

The last fight I had with a household appliance involved a blender, and its lid. Or lack thereof.
Actually, it catapulted the lid across the kitchen, then proceeded to whack me in the eye with a frozen strawberry.

One day, I will conquer inanimate objects. One day.
Until then, I'll focus on conquering this cognitive psychology course..which is currently kicking my arse-word.
New site: - Save it.
Ultrasound today. Hopefully I'll finally get some concrete answers.

This post is a little very much disjointed. Sorry. Life is haphazardly amazing right now.

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Connie said...

hooray! I love it! And...did it cost you an arm and a leg? I've been wanting to look into this myself, just have to settle on one place before I do.