After three MRI's, blood tests, an IV and an ultrasound I am still undiagnosed.
Which for most people would be a good thing - no brain tumors, no thyroid issues, yada yada.
But it irritates me. I just want to feel normal again.

Dear someone with medical expertise,
Please fix me.
Love, Natalie.

Two specialist appointments this week, hopefully one of them will have answers.
On a different note, if you could paint any kind of picture, what would it be of?


Connie said...

Natalie!! Thank you for your sweet comment- it made my day. I have been bad at reading and commenting too- don't ever worry about that.. but NOW I'm wondering what I've missed. What's going on girl? Are you OKAY!? This post really has me worried- I hope all is well. We definitely need to get together soon and catch up. I'll be praying for you- love you Nat!

Visible Voice said...

Are you having stomach issues?? Just wonder because I had blood tests and and ultrasound when I was younger for my stomach and they didn't find anything. Turns out it's food allergies. If not your stomach I hope all is okay.

Natalie said...

Nope. Just head stuff. And tremors. And I fall asleep at 8pm every night. Then get woken up by my friends and can't sleep again until 4am. Fail.