Dear 11:11/Birthday Candle Wishes/Shooting Stars/Tunnel-Held Breaths/Fountain Coins,
I am in dire need of snow.
I am even listening to Christmas music in attempts to make the season start faster.
Love, Me.

Day three of three-sixtay-fiih.
Still going strong {lol}.
I'm surprised how much thought I have actually put into this..
I have some ideas. Not sure how to make them happen, but surely excited to try.
Surely. Shirley. I want a S.Temple. Phat. No..just FAT.
You can check out my {measly} Flickr stream here.
Once I get around to redoing my blog I'll put a link on the sidebar.
I may have just taken the hardest exam of my life.
Like..tops-the-LSAT hard.
Cognitive psychology, I pretty much despise your guts.
Spencer-and-Heidi-Pratt despise.
Heck, Edward-and-Bella-Cullen despise.
{Sorry, Matt; I did it again..}
It was a midterm over chapters 1-4.
Not that it mattered, because the professor seemed to be pulling questions out of his asymptote.
LSAT in 19 days.
Smite my life via black wood Ticonderoga pencil.
Smite. It. Hard.


ChristineMarie said...

You slay me with your wit

Nayyyyyy churrrrr

That's what that just reminded me of. Who knows why


Claire Tripeny said...

^ agreed.

your wit is such a gem

ps there's snow in Arizona?

Connie said...

Your flickr photos are rad! I especially love the bed one- you are amazin!