As I lay in bed, the sun rays begin to creep through my window.
That's my cue to go to sleep.

This mystery-diagnosis has really messed up my sleep schedule.
I can't stay awake very long when I'm actively doing things;
thus during the day I take multiple naps because I physically cannot stay awake.
I am now notorious for falling asleep on the couch, regardless of who is over/how loud it is/how many people try to wake me up.
Natalie, you're so cool; so social and popular and man..how do you do it? Keep entertainin' those masses..
Ergo, such takes a toll on my (in)ability to sleep at night.
Pandora is making me mad, therefore I am officially boycotting it. Starting 41 minutes ago.
It started spittin' some screamo beats.
Ok; there is a LARGE variety in the channels I listen to on that site. However, NO where is there anything that could merely be mistaken for screamo. Or even that preppy band music.
S'all about the indie jamz, ya feeel?
And I may or may not have started listening to my Christmas music already.
I wasn't joking.
Classy, indeed.

PS Claire: YES Arizona gets snow! In fact, we got more annual snow fall this year than Utah did. That's pretty rare, but this season was steeezayy. Granted, you have to drive two hours north; but such sacrifice is but a small price to pay to live in the desert.

Neighboring the cacti since 1997.

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Alexa Mae said...

oh my dear friend, i hope you feel back to yourself soon. and nap! nap all day. nap for me and nap for your future. (can you tell i love naps?)

Brenn said...

Man, thought this was my blog for a sec--mystery diagnosis that no one can find, sleep patterns so screwed I could sleep all day if I wanted, but never at night! It's like we're a creepo kind of twins... Hope they figure you out soon!