I've made a grave mistake.
Tonight, while picking game pieces, I may or may not have said:
"I want to be yellow! It's my lucky number!"
Pretty soon things such as "yellow^2/green(blue)" are going to excite me as much as calculus word problems.
{Speaking of calculus, I saw my old math teacher at Anthropologie!}
However, it is Sunday.
So for the next 24 hours, I am going to take a break from all things number-related.
No more correlations for me.
At least until tomorrow.

Enjoy your Sabbath, blog readers :]


Eeny said...

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday, Natalie.

Alexa Mae said...

hahaha nat! that is classic! i am so sad i missed this shoot. so so very sad. :( you look adorable! hope your sunday was lovely, spiritual and relaxing...yessssss.