Today was a really good day.
Nothing particularly striking about it; it was just good.
I really am so blessed to be surrounded with great people.
Guys. I have a drinking problem.
On my bathroom counter, there is a line-up of 4 empty Jones Soda bottles; one for each day of the {long} weekend.
Cream soda is decidedly my new favorite.

I also learned that I can eat an entire box of Bagel Bites on my own.
Not a crumb left.
I can't decide if that's something to be proud of, or to deny if ever asked about..

I started p90x today.
Well yesterday, if you count lounging on the couch eating a bowl of ice cream whilst watching it as "started".
Now I have sore abs, and for some reason my right bum-muscle is sore. Left isn't. Err..


kelly anne said...

Bagel Bites are soooo good. Seriously, one of my favorite microwavable meals.
I'm glad you had a good day! Love the picture!

Kell said...

I can totally eat an entire box of bagel bites by myself too. They are delicious. Good luck with p90x! I kind of want to do it myself.

Connie said...

This is the most gorgeous picture ever!!! LOVE IT!

nicole hatfield said...

seriously p90x killed me... seriously