"Where would you go? Not long ago.
I've been thinking out loud, why so suddenly?
Don't you know? Don't do it.
What you do, oh, what you do to me."
It is 3:34 am.
I am listening to "Lasso" by Phoenix, editing pictures.
I have managed to successfully put off two exams, a statistics project, and 92 pages of reading.
I have meanwhile managed to scarf down two paradise bakery cookies and contently call such a meal "dinner".

While I murmur about this stuff I call "college life", I really can't complain.
I love statistics, and get to take the upgraded and more-advanced round TWO this semester.
When I say I'm "at work", it means I'm either taking pictures or editing them. Both great alternatives to sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day;
been there, done that - no thanks!

There really are many places {geographically speaking} I'd rather be right now.
Leaves are changing in the real world of real weather and temperatures cooler than 100 degrees.
But I just have to remind myself that the future is bright, and education will take me far in life.
Gettin' dat duh-gree.
Patience, young grasshopper gummy bear.
I hate grasshoppers. One flew in my hair two nights ago. Vengence..


Nick & Kristin said...

those pictures are so clever! You are a great photographer :)
You're lucky you have a job you love!

Ashley Fastle said...

these pictures are fantastic!