I love Ferris wheels.
I am afraid of heights.

I want something I can't have.
I still remain tempted by it's imperfect beauty.

I love road trips.
I can't sit still for more than 15 minutes. 20 if I'm in the presence of something edible.

I lick frosting off of my finger.
I eat pizza with a fork and a knife.

I love the beach.
I hate when wet feet touch dry sand.

I wake up to the opening of my bedroom door.
I sleep through my alarm clock. A lot.

I take on 23 projects at a time.
I rarely finish one.

I manage to drive 40 minutes to the temple everyday.
I am too lazy to drive down the street to the gas station when my car is on empty.

I get anxiety when I miss institute.
I don't have to think twice about ditching statistics.

I am up until 4am.
I stop doing homework around 11pm. Productively, at least ;)

I blog daily.
I read blogs once a month {I am trying to get better; sorry guys. I do read/love ALL your comments, though!} I fail.
I don't even make sense to myself :)

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