{I will have you know I almost fell in that nasty pond perching that bottle on the edge of the dock}

I rekindled my love for Jones' Soda this year in Oregon.
I've drank at least 3 a week ever since.
It's sickening and amazing, all at once.
There's something inherently better about drinking soda from a bottle, versus a can.

However, lately I've been pounding them like they're going out of style.
And I've figured out why.
Just check out what my caps have said lately:

"A tantalizing prospect will come your way."
"You will find much fulfillment with someone special very soon."

A few days ago it also suggested I try a new hair color.

And last week it said:
"You just helped save a child's eye sight; thank you."

..Thus, drinking Jones' is charitable.
Can I write that off in my taxes..?

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Shayla said...

Well, please direct me to your pricing because once I get an idea there is no turning back :)

Shayla said...

ps. i ♥ jones soda.

Connie said...

I can't believe I LOST! haha jk. Mallory you SCORED! (: