The Set-Up
{Oh hey, that is snow. Oh heyyy.}

It's this time of the year that has me giddy for the rest of the year.
Everything smells fourteen times better, people are nicer, and Halloween candy is soon-to-be-on-sale.

However, this time of the year greets me with an unwelcome post-shower chill,
accompanied by a warm towel, cozy ball on the floor, and inability to move from the fetal position for a solid 23 minutes.

This time of the year also means old people infiltrating our territory known as the freeways..
I played high-speed chicken with Michigan today, whilst subsequently witnessing a near-collision of Florida and Ohio.

..snowbirds *rolls eyes*.



{Rail jam tonight was steeezy. I've never fist-pumped as aggressively in my life.}

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Candice said...

hahah oh snowbirds..they take over the roads where I am too, and it makes driving so much more dangerous as well as adding another 15-20 min to driving time!!

Claire Tripeny said...