Happy Birthday, Momma. You're the best! I love you.
My creativity is dwindling.
I need to take a Natalie-day; some time to rediscover a few things.
Is it lame to take myself on a picnic up in the mountains?
Clear streams and green meadows?

Pretty sure that will do the trick.

That, and a huge chalk mural on my driveway. Perhaps I'll head to the store in the morning for some chalk :) Or a coloring book and some Crayolas. I need something. I'm wearing thin, people.
With that said, my heart is all over the place lately.
I don't really get it, nor do I want to try.
Perhaps that's part of the problem.

*Edit: Just bought my season pass for Snowbowl this winter; my heart is back in place and priorities are back in check. LOL.


Eeny said...

Yeah, you are back on track. I am happy for you.

I think taking yourself on a picknick and be "childish" sounds like a great way to find your inner self again.

I am sure you are the best present for your mom - EVER! This picture is so cool. Great job, Natalie. =) Happy birthday to your momma.

Katy said...

Nothing beats a coloring book, and some crayons.
Cute picture.