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Conference was awesome, yesterday. Can't wait for today.
There's something super nice about having an excuse to lounge around the house all day in jammiez.
Speaking of jammiez, I bought myself a silk nightgown from H&M today. I was really wanting one. So I ventured on over to the lingerie section and snagged one.
On sale.
Bargain shopper.

Also got a new dress. I love dresses.

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Connie said...

We all have the same direction bangs! haha Except mine need a trim. I can't wait to shop at H&M when I'm not hugely prego...
And If I'm going to stay awake for conference tomorrow I better go to BED!

Claire Tripeny said...

your photos killll me. haha love it

portland is getting their first H&M. im excited.. but not so much for my bank account

---------andy&lauren---------- said...

consider yourself blog-stalked.

---------andy&lauren---------- said...

anndd i just saw that you hate twilight.
k, im done.

Erika Brooke said...

onnn sallle!! look at you, you little bargain shopper all jewish and shiz! Thats even more jewish that me washing my plastic silverware in the dishwasher.