I want to go big places in life.
I want to find my niche in the world.
I want to love doing something I'm good at.

..and I need to stop caring about what other people will think.

{One step at a time}


Shadow said...

The photography in this blog looks incredible! You have some real talent. :)

Ashley Fastle said...

ditto. that photo is fantastic. you my "friend" are very talent. plus your new header is the shiz.

Ashley Fastle said...

i mean talented.

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Loved this.

Amelia Kate said...

me too.

Alexa Mae said...

all of YOUR "wants" are "wills". you will do all of those things because you are an incredible person and i mean it as much as i mean "i love my kids."
now thats sayin' something.
you just need to say, "you can love me or hate me. regardless, i'm going to move mountains. so i suggest, you love me and come along for the ride."

ChristineMarie said...

I LOVE this. And you.
I feel the same way.