Killin' the late-night Denny's crowd with some school spirit..3 years after the fact.
I believe the correct term is Ex Post Facto.
Good thing the Constitution prevents punishment for that..
And yes. I am 20. Sipping on some Milk de la Chocolat. Judge if you must.

Uhm so. My intellectual-side has found a dual program it is interested in.
It's a combined JD (law school degree) /PhD (in quantitative psychology *cough*statistics).
Only seven more years of school, so I can be called "Dr. Wall".
Only reservation: If I'm going to do academia for that long, I might as well have gone to medical school like I had initially planned.
Plans. Why to we make them? To change them.

Honestly. I make plans so it looks like I know what I want to do. But secretly, it's a ploy.
If they've held for a solid 3 weeks there's a good chance they're permanent, though.

More information than I'm sure you care to know..

I best be getting to bed. Shooting a wedding with Trevor Dayley tomorrow. Wish me luck.


{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Nattttttt i like your new pageeeeee. you should dooo mine.

Connie said...

I LOVE this picture!! How did the wedding go? Two this weekend- kinda nervous!