{Oh hey, remember how we went to WalMart like this? Almost snow-zebra time again :) }

I have been drawing a blog-blank.
I never have anything eventful to say (perhaps explaining the lack of enthusiasm on comments lately, eh?).

So I will leave you with some wise Saturday wisdom:
It is the most amazing feeling when you finally pee after holding it for 5 hours.
Just sayin'.

..oh, and make sure to pee before going to America's scariest haunted house.
I witnessed one person pee their pants, and two people run out and pee on the side of the building.

Urine. Such a lovely topic to blog about. You rock, Natalie.


Stephanie said...

Hahaha, this made me laugh :)

Claire Tripeny said...

I think you succeeded at a good blog topic :)

pee. hilarious

Sarah Eileen said...

I think that I am rubbing off on you

Natalie said...

Seriously. At least I don't blog about poo. Not there, yet. :) Love you bestfwen.

..still giggle at the word "penis".

sarah.elizabeth<3 said...

BAHAHA. I read your blog every day {hey, there's no such thing as stalking these days}. Everytime I laugh. I agree with Claire, pee- hilarious.

brandy said...

hey, since you brought it up....

this morning my baby peed all over me! It was the one time i didn't use a peepee teepee.

If you haven't seen a peepee teepee, google it.


angela hardison said...

you're right - it totally is the best feeling. i hate having to hold it.


Shayla said...

You DO rock Natalie!
So funny!