Sorry for the delayed post.
I was so exhausted last night.
I went to bed at 10pm. On a Friday night.

LSAT scores.
I did fine.
I scored within my range of what I was scoring, but in the bottom of that range.
Which is good in the sense that it DEFINITELY could be worse; and I know a lot of people did do worse.
But I think I'm going to retake it anyway. Just to solidify my spot in the school(s) I want to get into.
Bleh. I d k. Still thinking about it. Not freaking out either way.

Did better than I thought I did but not as good as I would have liked.


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Little Miss Paige said...

Congratulations! It feels good to do hard things, and that sure was a hard thing! No matter your score, you did FABULOUSLY. :)

Little Miss Paige