37/365: Happy Halloween

For Halloween, I made my {Jewish} best friend be Christian.
For 4 minutes while we paroozed Fry's in shopping carts at 2am.
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Giveaway Winner:
I really can't say I could be any happier with this.
If you are in the mood to feel uplifted and shed a few tears, check out Miss Tara's amazing blog and read about her battle with brain cancer.
I do not know a more amazing person
Forget Edward and Jacob, I'm Team Tara!

{Tara, email me so I have your email address and will have Joslyn email you so you can design something pretty for that beautiful head of yours :) }

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Eeny said...

Love that pic, so fun. I once did that with friends at Target it was so fun until one of the employees yelled at us =)

Did you color your hair? Looks pretty.