LSAT = 2 days.
Not tomorrow, but the next day.
I think at this point I am my own worst enemy. When I think positively, my scores are high.
When I let discouragement beat me to a pulp, I then give myself a reason via shizzy scores.


Didn't think I'd be freaking out this much.
Not that I'm even freaking out, per se.
Just nervous that all of a sudden my scores have been fluctuating.

But let me tell you what I will be doing on the Eve of Saturday.
I will be going to Buffalo Wild Wings {more formally known as b-DUBZ}, sitting at the bar,
ordering copious amounts of boneless honey BBQ wings, drinking endless Shirley Temples, and getting completely sugar-shwasted. I think I will need to call in my designated-driver favors.

That sugar..does

Sorry. One too many fun-size Snickers for the night.
{I love the Halloween candy aisle}


Eeny said...

Oh Natalie, you will do great... your scores will be higher than you have ever imagined. You will rock the LSAT like no one ever did before. =)

Autumn Lynn said...

Good luck!

Kacie said...

you will do great!

CiaraLE said...

Dev sent me your blog link. I enjoyed it (mostly the photography). Keep it up :)


Alexa Mae said...

hahahaha oh i love you!
you are so going to OWN the LSAT...i just know it. gorgeous pic, my friend.

p.s. i will be your d.d.

Trevor Dayley said...

Awesome pic!