I am naming the little HUGE storm that hit the valley today.
It is, from hereon out, called Hurricane Clarissa.
Yes. I, in all of my meteorologist training/expertise, just classified it as a hurricane.
I also named it Clarissa. Having Nickelodeon nostalgia - Clarissa Explains It All, anyone?!
{Baha RIP Melissa Joan Hart. Well, your acting career at least..}

Anywho. That storm brought rain, excessive winds, tornado warnings, hail storms, inside-out umbrellas, and use of the camera on my phone. I just counted.
7 pictures and a video. Scratch that; two videos. I never use the camera on my phone. I have this sexy DSLR *stokes 7d*..

Moral of the story:
1) Apparently you are supposed to turn your hazards on while driving in hurricanes whilst on the freeway? Everyone did. WELP. Not me. I will not conform. Way to stick it to the man, Nat. {Wait..Clarissa is a girl..}

2) White TOMS..bad idea. Old navy flip-flops..even WORSE. Not only did I turn my TOMS gray-brown, but I also fell on my ace smack-dab in the middle of the parking lot. WHO paves a parking lot with cement?! What happened to good ol' asphalt? SIRIUSblack.

3) Don't do your hair when you wake up to a black sky. Waste of time when your motivating factor in life is dancing in every single rain storm. Whoops.

4) Homework assignments make good umbrellas..only AFTER they've been turned in, graded, and passed back. I switched chronological preposition "after" with "before". Aka had to run to the library and reprint it because my statistical computations looked like they just cried off all their mascara. Who knew independent t-tests could be such a hott mess?

..I hope Clarissa comes back to play today!


Mauri said...

LOL this makes me laugh. All so true. And I hope Clarissa comes back to play today too!

Tara Schlappi said...

I love your blog so much. Thanks for making me laugh...I needed that

Taylor said...

my sister always called me Furguson haha. And I know what ya mean about the old navy flip-flops. Same thing happened to me allll day yesterday. But hey, they're $2, I'll put up with it. hahaha

Peace Love and Crayons said...

Similar story of the day. Okay so not that similar but it began with the darkening of the clouds that turned into a sob(ish) fest at my house. Read my personal blog for further details.

Yours truly,