{I helped Connie out with a photoshoot last week and this is what she shot :) }

Things to do today:
1) Go to bed.
2) Wake up in 5 hours.
3) Go to class, turn in assignment, sit in back, draw in lecture notes, text Erika, hound her about Oregon trip, raise hand, answer question, text Erika again, text Claire to confirm shredfest 2010.
4) Institute. Teaching assignment. Doctrine and Covenants. Yay.
5) Temple.
6) Book flight to PDX.
7) Lay on bed, watch fan spin, almost fall asleep but be woken up by the safety alarm I set on my phone 15 minutes prior, due to the fact that I know myself all too well.
8) Slave away doing homework until wee hours of the morning. Again.

..this homework-no sleep trend is irritating around 10:30 am when my alarm is dinging incessantly and all I want to do is hurl it into the wall.

{Sometimes I instinctively give in to this temptation}

Enter my giveaway here.

(I have one of the fabric headbands. I can't tell you how much I love it. I don't even want to know how much hair-product-nastiness is on that thing by now..and it's still just as adorable as the day I got it. Puuur.)



Claire Tripeny said...

YAY to #3 and 6

and I order you to sleep at least 9 hours this weekend, 10 would be prefered.


Connie said...

I'll be at the temple tomorrow- I almost went today but VT took three hours. lol Off to enter giveaway!!!