Started a second blog with my best friend.
Shredicles of Gnarnia. Check it. Love it. Cool.

Funny story about today.
Had massive amounts of homework to complete and a study guide to finish for my statistics midterm today.
Went to bed around 6am.
Woke up at 1:09pm.
Oh hey, Nat, your midterm is at 1:30pm and you live 30 minutes away from school.
Walk into the test late at 2:00pm.
Take test.
Walk out at 2:09pm.

I slayed that thing in a whopping nine minutes.
I really am considering a combined law/PhD in statistics degree. Haha.

And the promised giveaway for the week.
My dear friend Joslyn is adorable for days and makes the cutest headbands.

To enter:
1) Simply leave a comment. And tell me the best life-lesson you've learned.
2) Check out and/or follow Miss (soon to be misses*) Joslyn's blog here.
3) Post on fbook/twitter/blog. Pick your poison.
4) Tell me which headband of hers is your favorite.

*Out-of-staters, feel free to enter. The lovely person that is the mail man does not discriminate :)*
Each counts as an entry.
Comment separately for each entry.
Winner announced on Monday, November 1.

..Whoa. November. Get out.


Ashley Fastle said...

Best life lesson: Growing up is totally optional. Oh the headband on the right makes me giggle. Posting this contest on my blog right now. please choose me now.

Tara Bodrero said...

I have learned too many life lessons to count in the past five months but a recent ponder this week. Life isn't fair, but neither was christ's so all these trials and tribulations are making me become more like Christ. Christ had a life full of challenges and trials and I do to. You really learn who you are when you are faced with a trial. Where do you turn for peace? Knock on deaths door and you will soon find out.

kelly anne said...

oo pretty!

probably the best life lesson i've learned is to always tell the people you love that you love them. they need to hear it. and you never know how much time you have to tell them!

kelly anne said...

also i checked out her blog!

kelly anne said...

and i twittered!

kelly anne said...

and it's so hard to decide, but i THINK my fav is cremesicle! so cute!

Connie said...

A life lesson? If a test takes 9 minutes you might want to do a once over (; (I saw your fb post- laughed out loud hehe)

Connie said...

radical red is my favorite! Too cute!

nicole said...

cute cute cute!

Trenton + Brooke said...

Entry #1: My life lesson would be that" 20/20 vision only works when looking back at things."

Trenton + Brooke said...

Entry numero dos: Checked out the blog link.

Trenton + Brooke said...

#3: "Radical Red" is truly radical.

Jessica said...

A life lesson I've learned?
Always set multiple alarms when you have important things to wake up for.
Two years ago I woke up 15 minutes into a biology test and almost wasn't allowed to take it. No good.

Jessica said...

I checked out Joslyn's blog.
Such cute headbands!

Jessica said...

I LOVE the ms. sunshine rosette headband.

Birtcher said...

Biggest lesson of mine is patience. It's annoying but the Lord knows best :) Just love the dainty flower one! Darling!!