I've been really indecisive lately.
A kind friend of mine tried soothing my conscious by using the euphemism of "conflicted".
In all reality, there is no conflict.
Just a complete and utter lack of confidence in knowing exactly how to get where I want to be.

So I ran away to Utah and snowboarded opening weekend at Brighton.
It was exactly what I needed, in the sense that I postponed all crucial and essential elements of "growing up".
No thought to homework, no stress of law school applications, no indecision in a combined JD/PhD.
However, now I just want to drop out of school, altogether, and live on the mountain.


Oh, and thanks to ASU's ever-so-(in)efficient registrar's office, I wasn't able to sign up for classes until a week after I was initially supposed to be able to.
Which means all my classes are filled.

For real, becoming a mountain Sasquatch sounds more and more appealing every day.

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