{photo by Connie}

A few things you (probably don't) need to know about me:

1. I do not lick envelopes. Those third-grade urban legends about a paper-cut tongue and bug eggs hatching in someone's mouth..no thanks.
2. The past two days have entailed lots and lots of "Resistance" by Muse. On repeat.
3. I will (usually) do anything and everything to prevent sneezing. I hate it.
4. I will also (usually) do anything and everything to prevent having to do my homework. You know, because putting it off totally makes it go away..at least until it ten-folds and is all due the next day.
5. I don't like The Beatles. There. I said it.
6. On the same negative note, I also don't like: Glee, mushrooms, having a big butt, Stephanie Meyer, vampires, vampires that sparkle, girls that love vampires that sparkle, unnecessary word abbreviations, the "like" button on fbook (I've been a little hypocritical lately - mostly because I've been too lazy to comment), undergraduate school.
7. I sleep between the hours of 3-10am. Give or take (mostly take) a few.
8. I like to make cookie dough. But it rarely makes it onto the pan and into the oven before it makes its way into mah tummehhz!
9. I do my homework laying down. I can't sit up and do homework. I just can't. Great study habit, Nat.
10. I need a new snowboard jacket STAT..so book a mini-session* and help me buy one :)

*30 minutes, one location, 10 edited images, $60. Email to book: Natalie.Wall@asu.edu


kelly anne said...

i am now feeling slightly paranoid about every envelope i've ever licked.... why am i just now hearing those urban legeneds?

Kell said...

So.. we dislike all the same things. Beatles, Glee, mushrooms, Stephanie Meyer, sparkly vampires..
Except I embrace my big butt. Not literally, but you know.

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

I stopped licking envelopes too. definitely a glue stick and small piece of tape kind of girl.

Also, if I ever want SOME of the cookies to be baked I have to double my recipe. Not exactly a bad thing though =)

From all of your life stories I am amazed you sleep at all. Just sayin ;>

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

oh. ps.
You. Are. Freaking. Gorgeous.

Heather Sanchez said...

I swear I am not a creeper but I have become a HUGE fan. And I might just book you for a little Christmas shoot for me and my hubster. We need something cute for our Christmas cards.
Also #5&6.. we are exactly the same on.
Also... numbers 1 4 and 8.
ok im becoming a creeper.

Alexis Kaye said...

you think in 30 minutes you're gonna get 10 presentable pictures of me? think again!!!

A. Verzello said...

We pretty much dislike all of the same things. The Beatles? So 1960's.

I got a sweet jacket for a killer price on my favorite site's discount site, departmentofgoods.com. Maybe you'll get lucky, too.

Kay said...

I like sneezing. It's relieving :]


Jon-Erik said...

yeah the beatles are so dumb. I feel bad for them. That's why I'm redoing their songs. I'm still waiting for Ringo's thank-you card.

I'm with you on Glee though.

Shayla said...

um. you are gorgeous!! That photo is so beautiful, you look like a classic movie star. for real.
I am embarrassed to say that I believe I have actually written a post titled "I ♥ Sparkly Vampires"... does this mean you don't like me already? uh oh.

I am SO excited for you to take our photos but have been shamefully obsessing over where to do them & such... help?
I've pretty much been recommending you to friends all over town.