I will be the first to say I get nostalgic for naivety.
I miss the days of believing evil was just the arch-nemesis of happily ever after, confined to story books and Disney movies.
I wish I didn't have to worry about walking to my car alone in a dark parking lot,
or leaving my bedroom window unlocked so I can take in the essence of the (biannual) rainfall,
or trusting the simplest gesture of a stranger.
But while I understand the necessity for opposition in all things, it doesn't make the sting of deception any less disheartening.

When we're children, our biggest disappointment is not getting dessert after dinner.
Then we come of age in which decisions over our eating habits become dependent on our own discretion.
Yet our letdowns progress to amplify themselves immensely.
And suddenly we're wishing our dilemmas were over that stupid piece of cake.


Bückstabü said...

So true! This entry is really well written!

kelly anne said...

ah this is exactly how i've been feeling this weekend... so true!

Eeny said...

Nat, you are so right.
Sometimes I just wish to be a little girl again and only care about dessert and not have to deal with big girl stuff.

Eeny said...

PS: This picture is so magical. I love it.

Anonymous said...

if not getting desert after dinner was your biggest childhood disapointment, then you have surley lived a charmed, priviliged life. stepping outside your comfort zone can really offer new perpectives. and btw, refering to a woman who has more then a few sex partners as a "whore" really shows your lack of understanding about what it means to be a single, dating woman in the real world. i know your religion does not believe in sex outside of marriage but people who do not suscribe to your particular morality do have sex with more then one person and doing so does not make them a "whore". It makes them pretty normal actually. and just so you know, a whore is one who charges money for sex. anyways, goodnight...

Natalie said...

Hahah I didn't set a quota on what quantifies someone as a whore. And I am not naive in the process of dating as a person outside of my religion. Please keep in mind I spent 18 years outside of my religion. But I'm glad you're an advocate of the "real world". It's a great thing, that world. Buy an iPhone, and it's even better.

As for childhood worries, I could go on for hours about the adverse and dysfunctional situations I grew up with. However, I will refrain in the hopes of protecting the people closest to me from embarrassment. I will say I lived a privileged life, I am not denying that. But don't be so high-horsed to think I didn't deal with adversity. But in reality, as a child you don't have the mental capacity to process much more than that in which you're in control. Speaking on behalf of the majority of people growing up in the country. So that's what I was referring to.

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