Things to do before Thursday:
That's a grand total of 7 quizzes, 4 exams, 1 paper, 4 200-word discussion board posts, and 1 statistical data set to analyze.

The data set examines the average number of sexual partners with regard to the surveyed individual's phone type. Over 9,000 people surveyed.
My conclusion on said data set: if you want to be a whore, buy an iPhone. They have the most sex.
What I have left to do: Find out if that's statistically accurate, or simply due to chance.


{Happy Sunday}


Eeny said...

Wow that's a lot for just a few days. Looks like you'll be a bit busy till Thursday. Keep rocking, girl.

Barb Hatzenbiler said...

WOW alot to do before you it worth it? Worry bout you..didn't know sex was in stat class-where have I been. Honestly, I think the prof wants to know. Love you Momma