{Taken at the Campus Rail Jam Tour}

Forget perfecting the art of snowboarding.
I'mma perfect the art of Heelys.

That's right.
I'll be selling my Burton for a pair of size 8's.

I'm bringing a whole new meaning to the word "X-Games".
Suck on that, Shaun White.
But for real. In less than a month I'll be at Mt Hood, partaking of "local chocolate milk" that Miss Claire has to offer. That being a beautiful snowboard metaphor that is too deep for explanation.

Just kidding. I'm just too lazy. But do know that it is deep; soul-deep.

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Claire Tripeny said...

HAH! I love you. youre about to get your world rocked with the experience of flavored milk. that is with some love from the snow gods, start doing your snow dances, beanie sacrifices and daily positive vibes to mt.hood. its gonna be epic