I'm weak.
I used to eat dinner whilst watching Trauma: Life in the ER (I love you, TLC!), and now all of a sudden "crime scenes" on Law & Order: SVU make me flinch.
I have notoriously laughed at Erika for crying during the Grey's Anatomy finale (see post here).
And at Sarah for crying during The Last Song (I really really despise Miley Cyrus).
Yet tonight I found myself crying for the fictional secondary character on SVU - a poor 10 year-old boy whose mom decided to kill some guy and leave him motherless.
Once again, Natalie is found sympathizing with the random person with whom the story isn't even about.
{Like Errol - Ron Weasley's owl..wanted to shed a tear for every window he flew into..}

So from now on, I'm eating my meat raw, fixing my wounds with super glue, and laughing in the face of crime (whilst simultaneously kicking all dead-beat parents in the nose).

..I could never go into criminal defense. Or prosecution, for that matter.


Anonymous said...

if not criminal defense or prosecution, what type of law would you like to focus on?

Brenn said...

I'm totally with you. I cry so easily at stuff like that--I can't watch SVU because I cry every stinking time!

Ashley Fastle said...

so i was wondering who made your header and if that person made headers for other people and what they charged :D