I'm going to be brave and vulnerable.
I am going to admit that for the last few weeks I've been confused and indecisive about things I thought I knew.
Law school, in particular.
Suddenly my plans seemed like an empty shell, hollowed with the lack of passion and love for something I thought I enjoyed.
This scared me.
So much time and energy invested towards something - towards the rest of my life - and suddenly I didn't know if it was what I really wanted.
A little late for that, right?

Well I have recently learned that those feelings were not a lack of knowing what I wanted to be, but where I wanted to be.
All the places I had looked into and considered living always seemed great, but nothing really felt right.

This past weekend I went to Salt Lake City.
And found my new home.

Wish me luck with applications.

[If anyone needs a roommate let me know :) ]


Eeny said...

Good luck!

Ashley Fastle said...

oh my gosh that picture just makes me want to go find my ski's and rush to utah.

Ashley Lujan said...

WOW, thats exactly how I feel too! SLC and Utah in general. Thats what I feel when I go up there. Its just where I should be.

Kay said...

It's never too late

Good luck :}