80/365: First Day of Chirstmas
[80/365: The First Day of Christmas] <--late, I know.

And you said,
It was like fire around the brim.
Burning solid,
Burning thin the burning rim.
"Sleepyhead" - Passion Pit

I didn't have a pear. Nor did I feel like going to the zoo(?) and stealing a partridge. So we settled for an apple, a tree, and my wicked new cardigan.
Today it rainedpoured and for the second time in a week's span, I was in love with the desert. I think I am setting a personal record, folks. You really can't beat the aroma of this wet wasteland. It's revitalizing.

..I may or may not have driven with my windows down blasting Florence + the Machine, singing loudly out of tune. The rain (which was SNOW up north..!!) does crazy things to my inhibition.

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