[Photo: Darcy Bacha]

We lie beneath the stars at night
Our hands gripping each other tight
You keep my secrets hope to die
Promises, swear them to the sky
"Young Blood" - The Naked and Famous

Life has handed me the most unpredictable, yet perfect, series of events in the last 2 weeks. I'm led down a path in which I assume I know the outcome - only to find that I was wrong. I've been sad. I've been mad. But most importantly I've learned to trust in life; it always works out.

I think missing someone is one of those things you just learn to deal with.

Want to know how I deal with it? I eat lots of cupcakes, make new memories, plan snowboarding trips and apply to law schools. It works, for the most part. But sometimes - usually late at night - I find myself recreating past events, playing them out in my head just to feel like nothing's changed.

Then I fall asleep, wake up, and do it all again.

Happy n-th day of Christmas. I've been slacking in the creativity department.


Anonymous said...

I can very much relate to you. You always miss what you can't have, but I am also a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I recently went through one of the toughest break ups ever. I thought we were perfect for each other, and we talked about marriage...a lot. Then, I got stabbed in the face...and it hurt. It still hurts, but each day truly gets better and I am realizing more and more each day why I am better off without said guy. You will get there..just have faith. You're young and beautiful!

Natalie said...

Aw I'm so sorry. Situations are definitely different but I do know life is exactly how it needs to be.

Eeny said...

You are so right...
But sometimes I just don't want to deal with missing someone and just want to be with that special someone.

I love that picture by the way.